Section 1: Donation Form

Required for any donation.



Section 2: Donation Details

Please select which fund you would like this donation to go towards. 

If you would like to donate a tree, bench, or brick, please complete the next section.


Section 3: Tree & Bench Program (Please check availability)

Please write plaque verbaige in the "Plaque" Section. 

For Trees: max 3 lines, 20 letters/spaces per line. Trees will be planted during the next planting seaons (Spring or Fall)

For Benches: max 4 lines, 30 letters/spaces per line.

(NEW!) For Bricks: Max 3 lines, 25 letters/spaces per line

Please select a tree from the dropdown menu. Native trees that can be planted in our Metro Parks can be found by following this link:

Bricks can be placed at Scioto Audubon, Highbanks, Sharon Woods, Blendon Woods, and Blacklick Woods


Account Creation

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